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China dream ecosystem for beauty tech, says head of L’Oreal technology incubator

2022-02-08 08:25:57 Xinhua News Agency

China is a dream ecosystem for beauty tech innovations and personalized products.

It owns a portfolio of around 35 consumer brands including Maybelline, Garnier, Lancome, Kiehl's and Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Balooch also said that the push for sustainability helped create new opportunities for L'Oreal in the area of skincare science.

In December, L'Oreal announced a new strategic partnership with Israeli climate tech company BreezoMeter which researches the links between skin aging and environmental exposures, such as allergens, UV and pollution, and provides new personalized skin routines.

There is a lot of potential for technology to help people solve age-old consumer needs, Balooch said.

"We have lots of initiatives within L'Oreal about sustainability, from packaging to product design, and climate tech and water tech, which we think are very important for our responsibility as an organization, but also for innovation because that's what people want," said Balooch, who is also a scientist.

"They want great products that are good for the environment."