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Belt and Road Talent Development Program benefits participants BRI states: Tanoto Foundation China

2021-11-15 09:51:48 Belt and Road Portal

The Belt and Road Talent Development Program allows participants to gain not only training on essential knowledge and skills, but deeper understandings about China and BRI.

He told us that he felt satisfied when he found out that the knowledge and skills he learned in China were truly practical in real life in terms of making actual difference. From our side, it was pleased to learn that students graduated from our program are using what they have learned to participate in social governance.

BRP: Under the context of the global pandemic, how would you evaluate the significance of talent exchange and educational cooperation among the BRI countries and regions?

Wu Wei: As a Chinese saying goes, “the key to sound relations between countries is friendship between people,” which indicates that it is of vital importance to enhance people-to-people bonds in promoting the BRI. However, under the global pandemic, it becomes more difficult than before to have direct communication among people of different countries.

Nevertheless, we believe that it is exactly in such situation that requires us to work even harder in promoting the educational cooperation projects in more diversified ways like holding online seminars. By continuing to engage people in the talent training program, we expect them to be able to participate in social governance in the future and work in various fields including those related with fighting against the pandemic.

The Tanoto Foundation China believes that education has the power to change people’s lives. We look forward to having more students joining our program to establish essential knowledge system that is required for them to provide better service to their countries, communities and people.

We also hope that the pandemic will soon come to an end, so that our students can come to China and learn, in a more direct way, about the BRI, the Chinese society and Chinese culture.