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China''s import expo world-class platform for opportunities, partnership, Honeywell senior executive says

2021-11-04 11:37:09 Xinhua News Agency

CIIE is a world-class platform that brings opportunities and enhances partnership for companies around the globe.

Tedjarati said his company "really value the CIIE platform," noting "it's time for this platform to even get further prominence with China further opening up to the world."

Honeywell's business meets the market demand in China, and the company sees broad business prospects there especially when the country is striving for sustainability goals of peaking CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, said the senior executive, who has worked and lived in China for more than 20 years.

Honeywell has announced its commitment to carbon neutrality in all of its operations and facilities by 2035, which perfectly aligns with China's "dual carbon" goals, said Tedjarati.

"China is leader in the digital economy innovation already, we wanna continue to work in that area, the digital warehousing, e-commerce, supply-chain management, and advanced manufacturing...I think China can (also) be a role model in advancing technologies for a sustainable future," he said.

Honeywell has a long history of development in China. In 2013, China became the company's largest single country market outside the United States.

In its third-quarter results released lately, Honeywell said growth in China continues to be robust, as China's very favorable investment environment provides business opportunities for the company.