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On Belt and Road to quality development

2019-09-29 09:45:17 ChinaDaily

The Belt and Road was proposed by China. But it has influenced the world.

Some critics claim the Belt and Road Initiative is a much hyped project, but without sound field research or in-depth studies. Such critics ignore, deliberately or otherwise, the objective facts. To their disappointment, however, the Belt and Road construction has made great achievements in the past half a dozen years. And the results are there for all to see.

Indeed, the Belt and Road was proposed by China. But it has influenced the world, with the past six years witnessing four major transformations in its construction.

First, the cooperation philosophy has transformed from a national proposal to a global consensus. As of now, 136 countries and 30 international organizations have signed 195 cooperation agreements with China, and the initiative and its core concepts have been included in United Nations, G20, APEC and other multilateral organizations' documents.

Second, the cooperation structure has transformed from a blueprint to a solid working mechanism. The interconnection structure of "six corridors, six connectivity routes and multiple countries and ports" has basically taken shape thanks to the joint efforts of all parties.

Third, the cooperation field has transformed from infrastructure to energy, digital economy, and cultural and people-to-people exchanges, with the total trade volume in goods between China and other Belt and Road countries exceeding $6 trillion at an average annual growth rate higher than China's foreign trade.

Fourth, the cooperation vision has changed from building an economic platform to building a platform for a community with a shared future for mankind, which reflects China's community consciousness and philosophy of mutual help in fair weather and in foul, and responsibility sharing.

As such, the potential for the Belt and Road Initiative's high-quality development is promising.

Since quantitative accumulation leads to qualitative transformation, China needs to not only pay attention to quantitative development, but also address the problem of quality. At present, promoting the initiative's high-quality development is a natural extension of China's economic policy and a realistic need to boost the world economy.