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Canton Fair concludes online in Guangdong

2021-04-26 08:05:19

The 129th session of the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, concluded online on Saturday.

"After finding the product we need, we can chat with the supplier through instant messaging. We can also schedule an appointment for a video call and have exhibitors livestream their products and production line," he added.


Dessaint said he would have been in Guangzhou for the fair if the COVID-19 pandemic had not broken out.

"We had to postpone our events in China, but we had an increase in turnover thanks to the import of goods. E-commerce in France has taken advantage of the COVID-19 crisis," he said.

For Simon Borg, a Swedish buyer who has participated in the Canton Fair for years, the fair is an important platform for purchasing daily consumer goods to meet the increasing demand of the local market.

"Even if the fair is held online, buyers are still able to find the latest products of Chinese companies through its cloud-based exhibitions and livestreaming programs," Borg said, applauding the great business opportunities in China as well as its high-quality goods.

The value of the Canton Fair lies in the innovation of trade cooperation between China and other countries and regions in the world, noted Xu, adding that it facilitates one-stop trade consultation and procurement for companies from home and abroad, and provides trustworthy suppliers and purchasers.

A total of 44 virtual matchmaking and signing ceremony events, or "Promotions in the Cloud," were launched in 32 countries across the globe during the fair.

One of the matchmaking events attracted nearly 400 businesses from China and Indonesia. Among the participating businesses from Indonesia is Kawan Lama Group, a large retailer in the country.

Kuncoro Wibowo, board chairman of Kawan Lama Group, said the fair is a vital channel for his company to reach suppliers and provides a variety of cost-effective commodities, which are suitable for the Indonesian market where they are well received.

Domestic buyers placed nearly 2,000 intended orders with participating exhibitors at the fair. Meanwhile, 12,000 domestic buyers such as supermarkets, retail chains and e-commerce platforms communicated with 340 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions to help overseas enterprises explore the Chinese market.