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Logistics giant Maersk sees huge potential in China market

2021-04-23 10:54:05

China has embraced tremendous changes in the past two decades and has presented huge market potential with its endeavor to pursue high-quality development and promote regional connectivity.

The company had arranged a total of 210 tailored intercontinental trains from China to European countries including Germany and France.

Eskelund, however, noted that while China's ports and maritime transport are efficient, there is still a gap between the inland areas and big port cities.

Eskelund said that he has observed a very significant willingness and understanding of the ability of efficient logistics to foster economic growth in the inland areas.

"There's a very big potential in making logistics available on locations that are not very well connected with international trade routes," Eskelund added, hailing the concept of connectivity embedded in the country's Belt and Road Initiative.

"Over the years, we saw how China has gone out and focused on creating connectivity through building highways and container ports," he said.

Going out and creating the right infrastructure can be a powerful enabler of trade and bring countries together, Eskelund added.