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Year-ender: 10 major BRI events in 2019

2019-12-23 09:37:41

In total, 40 mainstream media organizations from 25 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America participated in the meeting. So far, 182 media organizations from 86 countries around the world have joined the network. The Chinese newspaper People's Daily serves as council chair.

Belt and Road Studies Network launched

On April 24, the Belt and Road Studies Network (BRSN) was inaugurated in Beijing.

The BRSN is an open mechanism of academic exchanges and cooperation, which is established to serve international think tanks, international and regional organizations and researchers of various countries, and promote the studies and academic exchanges on the BRI.

Relevant Chinese think tanks jointly launched the BRSN with Kazakhstan's Nazarbayev University, Indonesia's Center for Strategic and International Studies, Bulgaria's National Association for the Belt and Road, the African Center for Economic Transformation, the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore, the New Silk Road Institute of the Republic of Korea, Russia's Valdai Discussion Club and Harvard's Ash Center of the United States.

Second BRF held in Beijing

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) was held in Beijing on April 25-27.

Themed "Belt and Road Cooperation: Shaping a Brighter Shared Future", the forum was attended by about 5,000 participants from more than 150 countries and 90 international organizations.

Since the first BRF and during the second one, national governments, local authorities and enterprises reached a series of cooperation agreements, important measures and practical results.

As the host country, China has put together the most representative outcomes, and formed a list of deliverables of the second BRF.

The list includes 283 concrete results in six categories, namely, initiatives proposed or launched by the Chinese side, bilateral and multilateral documents signed during or immediately before the second BRF, multilateral cooperation mechanisms under the BRF framework, investment projects and project lists, financing projects, and projects by local authorities and enterprises.